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Kichijoji is a bustling shopping area located on JR East's Chuo line between my school station of Musashi-Sakai and my home station of Ogikubo. On a few occasions, I took some time after class to walk around this area, taking in what little culture existed between the rows of department stores, video arcades, and food shops that included a Mister Donut and a Cinnabon (!).

A small shrine. The same shrine, viewed from the side. Denny's. Mangled "Engrish" newspapers line the tile floors of the Capcom Plaza arcade. These live fish occupy a restaurant's window. Most restaurants display their menus visually in the window.  To prevent food from spoiling from the intense heat, almost all of these samples are made entirely of plastic and wax. Bicycles are the preferred mode of transportation for most young people in Tokyo for day-to-day travel, considering the high traffic volume in many areas.