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International Christian University

International Christian University is a private university located in Mitaka City, Tokyo Prefecture. It was founded by Christian missionaries after World War II. Despite its name, it isn't particularly international (95% of full-time students are Japanese; 95% of summer students are American) or Christian (religious doctrine wasn't a part of any aspect of campus life when I was there). I participated in the C5 or Intermediate Japanese II class, the fourth-most difficult one offered in the summer courses.

The campus is a grassy, open area that serves as an oasis to Tokyo's sea of stress and activity. The university center building includes a bookstore, a few food concessions, a post office, and two cash machines that wouldn't take my ATM card. The striking view of campus from outside my classroom window. The last photo I took at ICU, this is of the centrally-located church that provides services in English and Japanese. Our class hard at work making a crappy poster to hang outside. The finished product. The class plays a card game to recognize Japanese syllabary. A class photo in the classroom. Our class united one last time on the last day of classes. Me on the last day of classes with fellow CMU study-abroad student Delen. Our three helpers, who coordinated trips and activities and helped to translate between English and Japanese for us, came to the end-of-classes party dressed in yukata. Me with fellow study-abroad student Justin. Me with classmate Kaipo. Me with classmates Špela and Kaipo.