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These are all the pictures that didn't fit into any other category.

The front of the 2000-yen note, first released in the year 2000, features the Gate of Shurei in Okinawa. The back of the 2000-yen note features a scene from the Tale of Genji and a picture of its author, Murasaki Shikibu. Cafe Tokyo Boogie, perhaps the greatest example of Engrish I saw in Japan, is in a train station. This chart at a bank near Ogikubo station shows the interest rates for various bank accounts in various currencies.  A yen-denominated savings account pays only 0.007%, or 7 per 100,000, interest per year. Many KFCs have a model of Colonel Sanders outside.  People actually stopped to allow my friend to take a picture of me with the fake Colonel. Some enterprising soul took New York and encapsulated it into a pachinko and slot parlor. Noriko Nishimura, a friend of the father of a friend of mine.  We met for coffee one night. On a field trip, I went with some of my classmates to a local elementary school to converse in Japanese with fifth graders.  These kids were nice when they weren't taunting me about Randy Johnson, Ichiro, or other players that I can't like as a Yankees fan. An external shot of Osawadai Elementary School. An external shot of Osawadai Elementary School.