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I made three trips to Akihabara, Tokyo's center for all things electronic, during my six-week stay in Japan. Akihabara features enormous department stores selling electronic goods, movies, music, computer parts, and games, among many other things. On the side streets are small used-goods stores where you can find many bargains. Brand-new goods tend not to be as cheap as the U.S., especially when you compare the Japanese department stores to American on-line retailers. In any case, I picked up some neat toys like a SwanCrystal and an electronic Japanese-English dictionary. Many of the small vendors let you haggle over prices, making it even more favorable for bargain-conscious shoppers.

AMD has jumped on the campaign-girl bandwagon.  These gals are wearing tight dresses with the AMD logo on the front, passing out surveys.  I didn't fill one out. The view from the Akihabara train station exit.  Those tubes on the side of the building are windows positioned next to escalators in one of the department stores there. Another view from the Akihabara train station exit, showing the many stores at this edge of Tokyo's high-tech shopping center. A view of a major street in Akihabara, featuring views of a Sega arcade and a large sign promoting the Xbox. A view down one of Akihabara's busy side streets, featuring many stores selling new and used games, computers, parts, CDs, and DVDs. I was surprised to find a cafe prominently featuring Linux, but I didn't go in. The Linux Cafe logo is a stylized version of Tux, the Linux mascot. The Linux Cafe's story is presented at the front of the building. One of the many Sofmap stores in Akihabara caters exclusively to Apple products, and features a five-story-tall poster promoting the new iMac.